TPMN: September, 2017 (Issue #2)


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Maintaining your machine is like a shadow: Either it's ahead or behind, never on top. 

This tool is used to flush out your bearings so they can
be refilled with grease, saving you the time, money
and hassle of replacing the bearings all together!
It's an excellent way to stay ahead
of major maintenance.




10% OFF
thru August 31, 2017

Replace your dull  steel and carbide tooling
or stock up to avoid any down time!



This tool kit is excellent for changing tooling
on your CNC machine. It helps eliminate screws 
coming loose and prevents stripping. Replacing 
screws on your tool head can get very pricey. 
Thinking proactively will save you time, money 
and prevent costly down-time. 

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