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Larick Machines

A Pillar Machine Company

larick purchase by pillar machine one year later

In 2022, we acquired Larick Machinery… a Colorado-based Profile Shaping & Sanding manufacturer building high quality profile shaping, shape & sand, wire brush sanders, and more for more than three decades.

With machines like the 390 Automatic Shaper and the 410 Shaper/Sander, Larick was a natural extension to our lineup of machines. We are excited to say that we now offer all of our clients the ability to purchase any Larick Machine in-house.

Larick was founded by Larry Schwarz in 1988, who was dedicated to creating an innovate USA-based machine manufacturing company that could provide both reliable and affordable machines.

We are carrying on his legacy throughout the acquisition and ensuring that all Larick customers get our award-winning customer service, while providing this stellar lineup to our current and new customers alike.

pillar and larick machines made in the usa

Like the rest of our machines, all Larick Machines are manufactured and will continue to be manufactured in the USA.

larick patented stretchable abrasive

Larick Machines use a patented, stretchable, Velcro backed abrasive which conforms to a profile as it is stretched around a formed wheel. These sanding wheels combine aggressive sanding with low cost to give exceptional value!

larick machines earn a high roi on your investment

In addition to our award winning customer service, we offer the most competitively priced machines on the market. Our machines are guaranteed to make you more efficient and effective, reducing your costs and earning a high ROI on your investment.

larick 220 profile sander machine

Larick 220 Profile Sander Machine

(product and link coming soon)

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