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Panel Sizing & Squaring Machine

pillar 2s sizing and squaring saw

2S Advantages:

  • Safe
  • Quick
  • Accurate
  • Simple to use

Category: Panel Processing Machines

The 2S is a multi-axis, mulit-function CNC horizonal machine. It is designed to size edge glued panels safely and accurately.

stock machine ships within 2 weeks
pillar machine cabinet making roi matrix

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pillar machine standard features, freight options

Freight Options

pillar machine standard features, freight options

FREE Online Training

pillar machine standard features, freight options

1 Year Warranty

pillar machine standard features, freight options

Made in the USA

pillar 2s squared and sized panels
pillar 2s sizing and squaring saw in action

2S Machine Description

One of the greatest features of the 2S is the safety factor. The potential risk of getting any fingers in the way of the saw blade is nearly non-existent. The design of the machine itself along with the process of how an operator uses the machine keeps hands clear of the moving blade during proper use.

Standard Operation

Safety is a large concern when ripping and crosscutting solid wood. This machine eliminates those concerns with its “hands-off” approach to preforming cuts. Safety is also a concern when managing the waste that is normally produced from this rip and crosscut process. The 2S eliminates this issue by dropping it off the backside of the machine to be collected into a scrap bin.

2S has touch screen controls to enter the panel dimension. The 2S machine uses these dimensions to control the CNC fence for positioning. Once a part size is entered the machine will process three sides of it to make it accurately sized and squared. This takes about 20 seconds to process all three sides.

Because of the machines design, all scrap is removed automatically allowing the operator to concentrate on producing a quality product.

This raised panel door machine can also be Pillar-Linked to any order entry program and scan bar codes to virtually eliminate the need for the operator to do anything other than load the part to be cut. See barcode scanner details in the option section.

What the 2S Does

pillar 2S sizing and shaping saw icon
pillar 2S sized and squared panels
pillar 2S 3 stage pass

The 2S performs the following functions (in 3 passes):

1. Sizing
2. Squaring

Touchscreen Interface

2S includes a 15″ Industrial Color Touchscreen that is used to write and store programs, making viewing the specific parameters of a program easy.

2s touch screen interface

Saw Blade Maintenance

The machine has an access door on the right hand front side. This allows quick easy access to the saw blade. This door has a keyed latch and an interlock sensor that acts as an emergency stop.

2s rear access door for saw blade maintenance
industrial computer windows 10

Industrial Computer (Windows 10)


Video: on board
Ethernet 1 x PCIE Broadcom GbE (or similar)
USB: 2 x USB 2.0 (or similar)
Serial Port: 1 x RS-232 (or similar)
100-240 VAC External Power adapter (or similar)
Windows 10 operating system

Note: photo may not represent the exact computer to be used in the machine.

What Comes with the 2S

pillar machine

Pillar 2S | Panel-Sizing & Squaring, Frame Construction

pillar machine

Pillar 2S | Panel-Sizing & Squaring, Table

pillar machine

Pillar 2S | Panel-Sizing & Squaring, Clamps

pillar machine

Pillar 2S | Panel-Sizing & Squaring, Spindle Carriage Rail

pillar machine

Pillar 2S | Panel-Sizing & Squaring, Saw Carriage

pillar machine

Pillar 2S | Panel-Sizing & Squaring, Saw Spindle

pillar machine

Pillar 2S | Panel-Sizing & Squaring, Sizing Pins

pillar machine

Pillar 2S | Panel-Sizing & Squaring, Saw Blade

pillar machine

Pillar 2S | Panel-Sizing & Squaring, Scrap Chute

installation and training

Installation & Training

One day of installation is included in price of machinery.

Customer Responsibilities:
1. Floor preparation per your needs.
2. All power supply connection per national and local codes and standards.
3. Any necessary pneumatic connections and supply.
4. Moving of the equipment which could require forklift(s), rigging, and labor.
5. Materials and tooling needed for machine testing, training, or adjusting.


The machine will ship fully assembled, and nearly functional. Pillar Machine expects the machinery to be in place, and all the necessary utilities to have already been brought to the machine before the technician arrives. The technician will finish preparing the machine to run and instruct any machine operators in how to maintain and operate the machine properly.

Should the machine not be ready at the time of the technician’s arrival, Pillar Machine reserves the right to charge up to $1000 for itinerary changes in the case of a complete cancellation of the installation, Pillar Machine will charge the full $1600 per day rate plus all travel expenses for the return visit.


Training should be attended by all individuals that need to understand how the machine functions including all Management personnel, Team Leaders, Operators and Maintenance personnel. If this machine is going in operation for multiple shifts per day, we suggest having all personal from those shifts attend this training session as well. If this is not possible and they need to be trained from the factory technician, please ask your Pillar Machine sales representative to add an additional day of training.


Notes: One day of technician time is defined no less than 6 hours on-site. The technician will spend the first few hours getting the machine setup correctly and the remaining time training.

If you have purchased a custom machine that has custom tooling you have purchased, make sure to have the tooling onsite and ready for installation, prior to the installer arriving. If we purchased the tooling, it will be on your machine. Have your samples ready for the installer.

The technician has planned the day(s) to install the machine and do any training of the machine as indicated in the contract. Having your appropriate tools and equipment needed to do the install and training will provide you and the technician a smooth install.

pillar machines are made in the usa

Made In The USA

All Pillar Machine Machines are built 100% at our Salt Lake City Factory.

The benefits of purchasing an American made machine extend far beyond simply supporting the “local” economy.

Additional benefits include:

  • All parts are sourced from vendors in North America.
  • Parts availability is increased and assures honest pricing.
  • Real Factory Support.
    When technical assistance is required you can often talk directly to the people that built, wired, and tested your machine.
pillar machines are made in the usa

1 Year Warranty

Pillar Machine warrants to the original purchaser of the Pillar Machine Machinery that this product will be free from defects in material or workmanship, when purchased, and under proper, normal use, for one (1) year from the original date of delivery. Original purchaser understands that the machine warranty is only applicable to machines that are or were paid in full within 60 days of the original delivery date.

The full defined warranty can be found here: https://pillarmachine.com/pillar-service/#warranty 

Options for the 2S

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