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Get A $1000 Tooling Credit!*

With the purchase of a Pillarick Copenshape Cell

pillarick copenshape

*See details at bottom of page.

pillar machine

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Eric Zinger

How many shapers does it take to cope in your shop?

Without a Copenshape: Multiple shapers for multiple profiles

With a Copenshape: One Coping machine, one shaper machine for multiple profiles.

Who should consider using a Pillarick Copenshape?

pillarick copenshape safety


The Pillarick Copenshape Automatic Shaper has hands-free operation, eliminating any risk of accidental material insertion by hand.

pillarick copenshape cabinet doors

Just Doors

For small shops that just does doors and resells to local cabinet makers, watch your productivity increase with fewer machines and smaller crew to run them.

pillarick copenshape for quality

Improve Quality

You’ll make higher-quality parts, enhancing your reputation, minimizing returns, and instilling confidence that you produce an exceptional product.

pillarick copenshape saves floor space

Shop Floor Space

If your shop has 2-4 profiles, you’re stacking tooling on multiple shapers, and you have no moulder – you can reduce those 6 machines down to 2 with our Copenshape Door Cell.

pillarick copenshape for efficiency


Automated processing reduces the need for manual labor, thereby reducing your workforce.

pillarick and royce ayr 1000 dollar tooling credit
royce ayr shaping and coping tools
royce ayr shaping and coping tools
royce ayr shaping and coping tools
royce ayr shaping and coping tools
get a 1000 dollar tooling credit with purchase of a pillarick copenshape cell

Choose from any one of these stock profiles:

pillarick copenshape stock profiles by royce ayr

We’ll send a drawing:

pillarick copenshape stock profile drawing by royce ayr

Don’t have a stock profile? NO PROBLEM!!

Send a profile list to your sales manager and we’ll work up a drawing to assure manufacturing feasibility.

pillarick copenshape


cope frame
cmj hsk parts
cmj hsk parts
pillararick coping machine

Pillarick Copenshape Coping Machine

This machine is designed for chip free coping or tenoning of either square or profiled parts without the need for a back-up piece or chip breaker.

Pillarick Copenshape coping machine is designed to create end coping/tenoning for rail ends, as well as finger jointing or end matching – all in one machine.

pillarick copenshape shaker door sample
pillarick copenshape miter door sample
 pillarick copenshape wrapped door sample
pillarick copenshape shaper sander

Pillarick Copenshape Automatic Shaper

A versatile shaper, with its fast and easy changeover, makes it ideal for the shop with a large inventory of profiles. It’s conveyor fed, making the automatic shaper ideal for shaping small parts which could not be fed with a conventional power feeder.

Horizontal and vertical shaper adjustments with digital position indicators and the 5 position fence make profile changeovers extremely quick and simple.

pillar machine made in usa woodworking machines

All Pillar Machine Machines are built 100% at our Salt Lake City, Utah and  Fort Collins, Colorado Factories.

The benefits of purchasing an American made machine extend far beyond simply supporting the “local” economy.

We outshine our competition with these distinctive advantages:

  • Parts are all sourced from Vendors in North America
    This increases parts availability, superior quality, and assures honest pricing.
  • Real Factory Support
    When technical assistance is required you can often talk directly to the people that built, wired,
    and tested your machine.
pillarick copenshape


pillarick copenshape pricing

Shipping is included.

A 50% deposit is required to start building your Pillarick Copenshape Cell.

Options for the Coping Machine

Options for the Automatic Sander


pillar machine
pillarick and royce ayr 1000 dollar tooling credit

Get Your $1000 Tooling Credit Today!*

Email us: sales@pillarmachine.com

*The Details:

FOR $1000 TOOLING CREDIT: Customer must order a minimum of $10,000.00 of tooling with the Pillarick Copenshape Cell purchase.

FOR $500 TOOLING CREDIT: No minimum tooling purchase with your Pillarick Copenshape Cell purchase.

If your profiles don’t match the stock profile list – no problem! We provide complimentary concept drawings to ensure tool integration is seamless.

Your sales manager will need to review your non-stock profile list to ensure they can be manufactured on the Pillarick Copenshape Cell. We create a drawing in 3-10 days (DXF files definitely help to move this along).


We assume one profile = 3 cutter heads for the Pillarick Copenshape (2 carbide counter-rotating cutter heads for the Coping machine + 1 diamond cutter head for the Automatic Shaper machine). However, this is one example of a possible tool set-up. Assumptions change depending on how many profiles you use.

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