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Pre-Owned Machines

Exceptional Pillar Machine Quality Within Reach!

Every once in awhile a customer will trade in their used machine for the latest and greatest new machine. Here is our line-up of used machines that have been overhauled and equipped with updated and current parts to make them almost like new, but for a fraction of the price.

If you’re more budget oriented, these overhauled machines will still get the job done. It can be the difference you’ve been looking for – going from hand assembly to automation! Whatever your shop need, Pillar can help you get the job done.

For more details on any machine, please visit the original product pages:

Pillar Machines & Larick Machines

used pillar hpj

Four HPJ Machines Available:

HPJ-5 033-05-HPJ-5
HPJ 007-01-HPJ
HPJ 004-06-HPJ-5
HPJ no plate

used pillar mmtj

Six MMTJ Machines Available:

MMTJ-2 019-05-MMTJ-2
MMTJ-2 006-05-MMTJ-2
MMTJ- unpacking, serial number coming soon
MMTJ no plate

used pillar cmj

Two CMJ Machines available:

CMJ CMJ-2-18-Z
CMJ CMJ-6-12

used pillar mmtx

One MMTX Machine Available:

MMTX-5 PM-003-16-MMTX-5

used pillar ohv

One OHV Machine Available:

OHV-97 PM-066-16-OHV-97

used pillar fmd

One FMD Machine Available:

FMD PM-035-19-FMD

Pillar Machine Pre-Owned Machine Rebuild Guide

This guide explains what we do mechanically, electrically and cosmetically to machine rebuilds.

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