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Custom Woodworking Machines

We build high quality custom CNC Machines, made specifically to handle your product lines. Build your own custom machine with the help of our team to make your manufacturing more efficient, effective, and improve your bottom line.

Custom machines allow you to specifically design, create, and purchase a machine that does exactly what you need for your business. If none of our other machines fit your product line and manufacturing process, consider working alongside our fantastic team to build the right CNC machine for you.

Do you make a product unlike anyone else? Is there no single machine that will do everything you need it to? Pillar Machine can build custom CNC machines to combine processes for your custom product line.

pillar tss trim score and saw machine

TSS Trim, Score, & Saw Machine

(link coming soon)

pillar fnx floor notching machine

FNX Floor Notching Machine

(link coming soon)

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