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Profile Sander

larick 260 profile sander - a pillar machine company

260 Advantages:

  • this machine can sand just about anything! not just wood and painted wood, metal too!
  • designed for flexible brushes
  • handles odd-shaped parts and big parts

If you need to sand big or odd-shaped parts, sealer sanding or white wood sanding – this machine is for you! It features inverter-controlled variable speed spindles, and vertical adjustment.

stock machine ships within two weeks

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pillar machine standard features, freight options

Freight Options

pillar machine standard features, no assembly required

No Assembly Required

pillar machine standard features, freight options

1 Year Warranty

pillar machine standard features, freight options

Made in the USA

tape measure
larick 260 in action with long part
larick 260 in action with round part

Larick 260 Description

The Model 260 Profile Sander is a horizontal spindle machine designed for use with flexible brush type sanding wheels. Standard spindles are 600mm (24 inch) long on both sides. They can also be shortened. Dust collection hoods are standard, as well as height adjustment.

Standard Operation

Different sanding strips can be used on long spindles to vary sanding by changing brush lengths, grits, and abrasive types. Double sided strips can also be used to do whitewood sanding in one direction, and sealer sanding by reversing the rotation.

The spindle’s rotation can be changed to allow sanding to be performed on top or bottom of the brushes.
The bases can be moved side to side to provide clearance for the operator.
The inverter keypad provides Start/Stop, Speed, and rotation direction control.

What the 260 Does

steel tube part used with larick 260 sander

The 260 is typically used to perform the following operation:

Sanding sanding big parts and odd shaped parts.

Sealer sanding or white wood sanding.

Sanding/deburring metal parts.

larick 260 vfd
larick 260 controls

Manual On/Off Switch

Larick 260 Profile Sander uses a VFD (acronym for Variable Frequency Drive) to control electric motors in machinery. On/off VFD’s control the spindles.

There is also a hand crank for vertical adjustments, an emergency off button, and inverter for speed control.

What Comes with the Larick 260

larick sanders a pillar machine company

Larick Sanders, a Pillar Machine Company | 260 Profile Sander Base

larick sanders a pillar machine company

Larick Sanders, a Pillar Machine Company | Profile Sander Leveling Foot

diy no installation necessary

Installation Requirements

Factory installation is not necessary for this machine. It will arrive fully assembled and ready for production once necessary power and air are connected to it.

Phone support for startup is offered on this machine at no charge.

Factory on-site installations are available if preferred. Contact your Pillar Machine representative if interested in obtaining a quote for this option.

pillar machines are made in the usa

Made In The USA

All Larick Machines are built 100% at our Fort Collins, Colorado Factory.

The benefits of purchasing an American made machine extend far beyond simply supporting the “local” economy.

Additional benefits include:

  • All parts are sourced from vendors in North America.
  • Parts availability is increased and assures honest pricing.
  • Real Factory Support.
    When technical assistance is required you can often talk directly to the people that built, wired, and tested your machine.
pillar machines are made in the usa

1 Year Warranty

Larick Profile Shaping & Sanding, a Pillar Machine company, warrants to the original purchaser of the Larick Machinery that this product will be free from defects in material or workmanship, when purchased, and under proper, normal use, for one (1) year from the original date of delivery. Original purchaser understands that the machine warranty is only applicable to machines that are or were paid in full within 60 days of the original delivery date.

The full defined warranty can be found here: https://pillarmachine.com/pillar-service/#warranty 

Options for the Larick 260

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