An Introduction to Larick Machinery – TPMN: December 10th, 2022

Two weeks ago, we announced that we were acquiring Larick Machinery – a machine manufacturing company based in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

This acquisition has been over a year in-the-making, and we are thrilled since finalizing the deal to begin talking to our current and future clients about what this acquisition means for us now and into the future.

Larick Machinery was a natural fit in the Pillar Machine product line. As you know, we offer the highest quality woodworking CNC Machines in the US and the product line from Larick was a welcome addition to our stellar lineup of machinery.

But Larick was not only the right product line, it was the right company.

Larry Schwarz, President of Larick Machinery, founded the company in 1988 after discovering a stretchable abrasive for profile sanding wheels. At the time, he figured that this new method for profile sanding had the potential to benefit many of the clients his cabinetry company worked with.

What started out as a small idea turned into a three-decade legacy serving thousands of loyal clients across the country with innovative sanding machines.

What’s behind the success? A commitment to creating the most user-friendly and versatile profile sanders on the market.

As Pillar Machine continues to rapidly expand we see Larick being an essential and seamless integration into our operations, culture, and lineup. To ensure a smooth transition, we’ve asked Larry to remain in a consulting capacity to help speak to our clients about the benefits of Larick Machines during a year-long transitionary period.

Are you interested in chatting with Larry, and learning more about this new lineup of machines? Fill out our contact us form to get started. 

– The Pillar Machine Team

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