How to Pick a Dowel Insertion Machine – TPMN: January 29th, 2023

When it comes to woodworking and furniture making, dowel add that extra touch of elegance and strength to the finished product. From chairs to cabinets to frames, dowel joints can be found in almost every piece of furniture made in a factory.


Creating joints between various pieces of lumber is a time and labor intensive process. That’s where dowel insertion machines come in, making the process quick, easy, accurate and saving the manufacturing company time and money. 

A drill, dowel and boring machine can perfect your edges and requires less skilled employees in your assembly department. Purchasing one of our dowel insertion machines is a long term investment that will make your company capable of producing high quality cabinet boxes quicker, more efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost building them by hand.

When it comes to dowel joints, by far the most important aspect is accuracy. The bore for the dowel must be a perfect 90° to the face of the joint, or else it will twist and not match up correctly and create a wobbly or crooked frame that can be difficult to adjust. But, with a dowel insertion machine, the process becomes a breeze. 

These machines follow a three-step process to create the perfect dowel joint:

  1. Using a direct drive routing spindle, the machine bores the hole the dowel will be placed in.
  2. An injecting system injects glue into the bore, keeping everything mess-free.
  3. The machine fires a dowel pin into the bore, completing one side of the dowel joint.

All of this is completed in a matter of seconds, making dowel joints more efficient than ever before.

So what kind of Dowel Insertion machine is best? Well, when you combine Pillar Machine’s CNC technology with any of our dowel insertion machines, the process becomes even easier, more accurate, and faster. Making our Dowel Insertion Machines the best available on the market. 

Our experienced engineers have written our “object oriented” software in-house to make it easy to create new programs. You can effortlessly write programs in one minute or less, save, and recall them, instantly, to be used later. Additionally, our Salt Lake City manufacturing handles the production of all Pillar Machine machines. We source all our parts from vendors in North America, so you know you’re getting an American-made machine that supports the local economy. And when it comes to real factory support, you can often talk directly to the people that built, wired, and tested your machine.

So, whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or just starting to dip your toes into the world of furniture making, Pillar Machine’s dowel insertion machines are the perfect addition to your workshop.

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