Don’t forget the batteries – TPMN: December 30th, 2022

At Pillar, we hope you are wrapping up a wonderful holiday season spent with family and loved ones. This time of year can be so uniquely magical (and stressful!) as we all meet the demands of the holiday season. 

And for those of us that have children, the demands of making sure all of those special gifts under the tree are fully operational the minute they’re opened…

All to avoid those dreaded words from one of your little ones: “Mom,doesn’t this need batteries?” 

In 2022 you would think that the items we purchase come fully ready to go, with no modifications or additional parts needed. Unfortunately, many parents learned a lesson this year that this is not always the case… 

And this is why we recently decided to acquire Larick Machinery.. To ensure that Pillar Machine is now a one-stop-shop machine manufacturer for all of our customers. 

No, Larick doesn’t manufacture batteries for toys… but what they do manufacture (and what we at Pillar Machine now offer to all customers) is a lineup of profile shaping & sanding machines best suited to compliment your CNC purchase.

A recent customer of ours was thrilled to learn that upon purchasing one of our world class CMJ Coping Machines, they could also purchase a 700 Series Profile Sander to allow them to both profile a piece & also produce chip free coping or tenoning of these profiled parts. 

To learn more about the 700 Series Profile Sander and how it would be a great addition to your current lineup, or future CNC purchase, watch the video below:


Happy New Year!

  • The Pillar Machine Team


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