Pillar Machine Launches A New MMTJ Miter Machine

pillar new mmtj miter machine

Kelly Parke
Pillar Machine

April 18, 2024 

Next-Level Design:
Unveiling A Revamped MMTJ!

April 17th, Salt Lake City, Utah–Pillar Machine is excited to announce its new MMTJ Miter Machine! Maximize your shop space with a smaller footprint, more power to process big jobs, more clearance for short parts, more efficient maneuverability, and extra safety guarding.   

Discover firsthand the transformative power of streamlining your processes and see how our sleeker design can revolutionize your workflow, producing up to 275 doors per 8 hour shift with one operator. The MMTJ is a full 3 Axis CNC machining center, tailored specifically to meet high-volume production requirements for high quality miter joints used in cabinet door manufacturing. 

About Pillar Machine: 

Count on Pillar Machine as the beacon of innovation, engineering advanced solutions for commercial woodworking.  For further information about the MMTJ, please visit https://pillarmachine.com/mmtj-miter-machine/.   

Join us at IWF Booth #B7921 and take the new MMTJ for a spin! 


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