Does your manufacturing process have room for improvement?

At Pillar Machine we enable companies to become more competitive through providing custom manufacturing solutions that help improve product quality, reduce production costs and minimize human error. Tasks once done manually can now be accomplished with the push of a button, allowing our sophisticated software applications and CNC machines to work hand-in-hand with traditional craftsmanship and artistry. Pillar Machine is a one of the leading industrial machinery manufacturing companies in the United States capable of handling your machinery needs.

Whether you are a small shop or a large corporation utilizing our proven machines or custom manufacturing solutions, we focus on your individual production requirements and strive to provide an affordable and integrated solution that will give your business the highest competitive advantage.


Our commitment to innovative engineering has earned us the reputation of producing the highest quality and most competitive industrial woodworking machinery manufacturing in the global market. We’re constantly innovating new and exciting products for both our stock machine product lines and custom manufacturing solutions.



Our machines have won nationwide industrial machinery supplier awards, including the Challenger’s Awards, numerous Challenger’s Award Finalists, and many patents. You may know us for pre-glued dowels, CNC bore and dowel machines, and many other products for which we hold the patents.

Ranked as one of Goldman Sachs 10,000 small businesses, Pillar Machine is one of the leading industrial machinery manufacturing, custom manufacturing, and industrial machinery suppliers in the USA.


SynqNet Controller

All our machines use CNC technology; our newest machines use a SynqNet controller, we developed in the language C#. Our programmers have experience in writing features such as custom parametric programming and offline programming as well as more complex code such as Carriage collision algorithms, used for running multiple carriages on the same plane like our VX or HPM. Another complicated design is our “Arch configurator” for easily creating arches on both panels and top rails. Our programming is written “in house” by our software engineers. This allows us to have control over our designs, and to better serve our customers. Our software design is “object oriented” this makes it very easy to create new programs; all programs on our machines can be created at the machines computer. Programs can be written in one minute or less and saved for instant recall thereafter.

Pillar Machine is one of the leading industrial machinery manufacturing, custom manufacturing, and industrial machinery suppliers in the USA.
Pillar Machine uses 3D design software and rendering, including custom manufacturing.


3D Design

For our mechanical design we use the 3D design software, SolidWorks. This allows us to design anything from the smallest of assemblies and parts, to massive production machines. Our assemblies are modular, this gives us the capability to easily pull assemblies from several past machines and implement them into new ones, including custom manufacturing. This keeps from having to “recreate the wheel” every time we develop a new machine. This software also gives us many other capabilities such as collision control which reduces the number of mistakes that are made through the engineering process. Once the parts are completely modeled they can be kept as a solid model and imported into the GibbsCam software our machine shop uses to manufacture all our American-made machines.


We help our customers succeed by delivering complete turnkey solutions rather than just machines. We strive to make your off-the-shelf or custom manufacturing purchase an asset for your company that will increase your bottom line and quality of product. Choosing an industrial machinery manufacturing company can be a difficult and convoluted choice. Pillar Machine is here to simplify that decision, as one of the best industrial machinery suppliers in the USA.





From the latest in product innovations to pro tips and tricks, Pillar Machine is dedicated to help improve your accuracy and make your machines work harder.

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