H49 – Horizontal Bore and Dowel

The H49 is a horizontal point to point bore and dowel insertion machining center.

It is designed to CNC position the spindle, bore a hole, then CNC position the inserter, inject glue or water (for pre-glued dowels), and fire the dowel into the hole.

A part is placed into the work zone referencing the back and side fences. The green palm button is pressed and the clamps secure the part into place. The machining is now ready to begin in the work zone. There are 2 zones standard in the base model H-49 allowing for pendulum processing. While the one part is being machined, the other zone can be loaded and queued for machining.

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The H49 performs the following functions:


  • Horizontal Boring
  • Glue Insertion
  • Dowel Insertion

Standard Features:


  • X Axis CNC control for positioning
  • 4 clamp units
  • Digital mechanical readouts for height and depth
  • Our standard sealed glue injecting system injects glue or water with little or no maintenance
  • Small footprint to conserve floor space
  • 1 HP high frequency 18,000 RPM direct drive spindle
  • 2 zones
  • Strong 1600 lb. base
  • 10″ industrial color touchscreen PC for programming and running programs
  • 49″ work field
  • 1/2″ thick machined aluminum work surface

Advantages of The H49:


  • Elimination of complicated machine setup
  • Quick, accurate assembly
  • Gain production times on CNC routers and point to points by shifting boring and doweling to the H-49 H49 software

H49 Software:


    •  The on screen graphics of the operator interface have been designed to allow for quick programming at the machine. Typically, programs can be written and recalled in less than one minute. The interface is open architecture allowing it to integrate with design software that can give hole locations in the form of a .xml file or a bar code (with bar code reader purchase).

H49 in Action


Programming Screen Shot


Back Fence:

The back fence (button fence) is designed to accommodate thin work pieces down to 1/2″ material thicknesses and still insert a 6 mm dowel.

H49 Carriage Mounting:

All 5th generation H-49 machines are designed so that the drill motor, inserter, etc. are mounted above the machining surface. By mounting this above the table the entire carriage will stay more clear of dirt and debris.

Spindle Configuration:

The H49 is equipped with a 1 HP high frequency 18,000 RPM direct drive spindle mounted onto a 1/2″ machined aluminum tool plate. All wiring to the carriage is carried in an enclosed E track to prevent damage to critical components. The 18,000 RPM spindle speed guarantees the boring bit concentricity, ensuring an accurate hole size for maximum glue contact. The high RPM also allows for rapid plunge boring to be accomplished without losing the integrity of the boring surface. Pre-glued dowels can be used due to the accuracy and integrity of the hole.

Dowel Inserter:

Our patented dowel insertion system is a straight forward design. It has proven to reliably insert dowels without the need for realignment. Dowel depth is set via a mechanical digital readout located on back of machine and is easily adjustable for different length dowels. The “Direct Reject System” automatically detects an improperly sized dowel and notifies the operator via the operator interface for dowel removal. The dowel reject slide is opened, the dowel is removed, and then normal operation is resumed. A dowel misfire it is typically due to an improperly sized dowel, either in diameter and/or length. When a dowel does misfire, the HPJ will complete the boring cycle, thus protecting and ensuring a stable starting reference point. Since the dowel did not properly fire, the singulator cylinder did not reach its stroke limit switch, and the dowel sensor is activated. Thru a screen prompt, the operator is notified to remove the misfired dowel. The dowel is removed by opening the dowel reject slide, removing the dowel, and then replacing the dowel reject slide. Normal operation can now be resumed. All missing dowel(s) are then manually inserted. Note: Standard dowel diameter supplied with machine is 8mm, other diameters available upon request.

Glue Valve:

The H49 is designed and built to accurately dispense water or glue into a pre-drilled hole. The amount of glue/water to be administered is defined and metered thru programmable electronic control. The H49’s insertion system is an enclosed system using needle and seat at valve, diaphragm pump with a maximum air pressure of 100 psi, with infinite adjustment to all valves. The H49 injector nozzle is constructed with Delrin, a self sealing, non stick material. The Delrin nozzle is leak resistant over a wide viscosity range making it an ideal material for a low viscosity substance such as water as well as higher viscosity glues. Unlike steel, Delrin is a non-stick material. This means that glue is unable to bond with the Delrin and then to the needle, thus vastly reducing the likelihood of blockage. Pillar Machine also uses a 5 seal system to prevent glue/water from seeping back thru the system and into the electrovalve. There is a sensor on the back side of the glue/water valve that verifies that the glue valve has opened and has reached full stroke. By sensing that the glue valve has fully opened, the H49 accurately determines whether
glue/water actually exited the valve.


  • 96″ table length
  • larger dowel bowl
  • Bar-code reader
  • Offline programming
  • Parametric programming (Standard or built to customer specifications)
Note: Standard features, options and information may change with or without prior notice.


All Pillar Machine Machines are built 100% at our Salt Lake City Factory.

The benefits of purchasing an American made machine extend far beyond simply supporting the “local” economy.

Additional benefits include.

  • Parts are all sourced from Vendors in North America.
  • This increases parts availability & and assures honest pricing.
  • Real Factory Support
  • When technical assistance is required you can often talk directly to the people that built, wired and tested your machine.

Made in the USA

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