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Miter Machines

Are you currently making your own cabinet doors?

Would you like to increase your quality, lower labor costs and increase profit margins all at the same time? Mitered doors are the solution. They have higher selling prices, but take less time and labor to manufacture!

A miter machine from pillar machine is guaranteed to make you more efficient and effective, while producing high quality miters for your customers!

Too often, small businesses use inefficient and ineffective production methods to manufacture their cabinets and furniture. Our miter machines are affordable solutions to streamline your processes. A small investment up front will bring you much more capacity for expanding your business and taking it to the next level.

Panel Processing Machines
Do you want to waste less material on your glue up panels without increasing labor costs? Labor costs are one of the main challenges any company faces in making sure they are maintaining profitable. In order to control labor costs, you need to be operating as efficiently as possible in your production methods.

How many people does it take to size and square your raised panels in a day?
We can improve that! If you’re looking for a panel saw machine that can improve your panel processing exponentially, check out one of our raised panel door machines and let us know how we can help you!

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